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Adult Classes

Flow Classes

Rockin Yogis

Faster-paced vinyasa flow yoga with optional inversions to upbeat, hip music. This rockin’ class turns up the heat through an energetic vinyasa practice where you will develop strength, flexibility, and endurance. You will be challenged by traditional and creative sequences of postures rooted to an enlivening breath. Be ready to sweat! Variations and options will be given to make this class appropriate for all levels. (1 hour 10 min)

Yogis Bootcamp

This power class will tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Add this class to your regular yoga practice to boost your metabolism and push your strength and flexibility to new heights. Free weights are added to a traditional vinyasa yoga sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose. Strength-training exercises is incorporated to build lean muscle mass. After adding this power class, you will see visible results in your body.   (1 hour)

Ashtanga Yogis

Ashtanga yoga is one of the oldest known practices in the western world, from it comes power yoga and other forms of asana. This challenging endurance-based practice incorporates dristi (gaze), bandhas (energy locks/seals) and Ujjyai pranayama (breath). Utilizing these three points of focus allows the body to cleanse itself by deep twisting, forward folding, back bending, and arm balancing. Ashtanga is not just a physical practice. It’s primary focus is to purify the body to make it ready for the deeper aspects of yoga – calming the fluctuations of the mind. Come join us for this beautiful honored tradition. All levels welcome.  (1 hour 10 minutes)

Ashtanga Improv

Ashtanga Improv uses the fundamental principles of traditional Ashtanga (Ujjayi breath, bandhas, and drishti) in a sequenced, energetic, challenging flow. Whether you’re a seasoned Ashtangi or a Power Yogi, this fun class will supplement your practice with its emphases on core strength, flexibility, and balance. No muscle group gets left behind! Incorporating asanas from primary through third series of traditional Ashtanga, this moving meditation dives into deep twisting, forward folding, back bending, handstands, arm balances, shoulder stands, and floating. Every class brings something new! Modifications available for all levels. (1 hour)

Yogis Power Hour

Life is busy sometimes…well, all the time! So get your yogi groove on in a packed hour. This music vinyasa flow will be sure to cover all the hot spots – flexibility, balance, strength,…oh yeah, and don’t forget to breathe and relax. (1 hour)

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Stretch Classes

Yogis Athletes

Do you run, bike, play golf or tennis? This yoga class will focus on stretching and increasing flexibility in places where athletes need it most. After incorporating this class into your routine, you will no doubt see improvements in your game. (1 hour)

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Gentler Classes

Flexi Yogis

Slower vinyasa flow yoga that will take more time and emphasis on increasing flexibility, improving posture,and helping you move better and stand stronger. Your friends will notice a difference…come try it. We’ll have you hooked! (1 hour)

Prenatal Yogis

Practicing yoga for two?! Reap the benefits of finding the power of the breath, stretching, and calming the body as it goes through so many changes during your pregnancy. Your body and your baby will thank you, and your post-partum recovery will be even easier because of your practice of yoga during these wonderful months.  (1 hour)

MoMe Yogis

MoMe Yogis is an exciting and interactive yoga practice for moms and babies, created and instructed by Stefani McMurray Watters. Short for “Mommy” and ”Me,” this new yoga program incorporates babies into the workout by using them as “weights.” Moms enjoy a postnatal workout without having to check their babies into childcare or leave them at home with a babysitter. Babies enjoy group play time with nursery rhymes sung by Moms while holding yoga poses. Babies 2 months to 2 years welcome!

Together Yogis

Bonding time with your child is never easier or more fulfilling! Grab your child (or all your kids) and learn the power of yoga together. This will help parent and child get fit, manage stress, and lock in that precious together time that is often lost in this busy world. (1 hour)

Restorative Yogis

Relax and renew. This class emphasizes the calming of the nervous system and teaches the art of relaxation. Your body will learn to surrender allowing soft tissue injuries to heal, muscles to release, minds to quiet and deepen physical openings. Melts away tension and restores vitality. An opportunity to be still, relax and let go! All levels welcome.  (1 hour)

Yogis Flow 101

Are you new or new-ish to yoga? When you hear “down dog,” do you assume your pooch needs to get off the couch? This class will introduce yogi newbies to the practice and get you accustomed with the flow of yoga. Soon you’ll be adding “yogi” to your resume. It’s also a great chance to fine tune postures if you’re an experienced yogi. All ages (14 years to 104) are welcome! (1 hour)

Yogis Heal

Are you dealing with an illness or loss, or are you in recovery? Do you have anxiety, depression or chronic pain? As we enter into the holiday months, join us for an 7-class series to allow yoga to help heal you. Allow us to teach you breathing techniques, utilize personal journaling, and laughter to release tension and find peace. Bring a friend and take the journey together. (1 hour)

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