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What's Up At We Yogis ?

Why Yoga? Why Now?

     In the current culture, there are so many options for fitness. Why should you add yoga to your fitness routine, especially right now?
     Yoga is a practice accessible for all ages and skill levels that not only benefits the body through the asanas (or poses), but also clears the mind by deepening the breath, releasing stress and anxiety, and sharpening the ability to focus. Studies have shown that regular practice of yoga contributes to decreased blood pressure, a reduction in chronic pain, less insomnia, and improvements in circulation.
     Yoga also allows you to achieve increased focus, body awareness, coordination, and self-esteem, as well as improved strength, flexibility, and balance – all which we slowly start to lose as we age, unless we combat it.
     Recent studies have shown not only the benefits of yoga in adults, but also in children. As a response, many school systems are incorporating yoga into their school days for physical and mental release, resulting in decreased anxiety and stress about academic performance and peer relations. As a result, test scores for these students have actually improved.
     Yoga truly helps you find harmony within your body and mind. So, as our world only becomes busier with more and more distractions, now is the best time to add yoga to your life. Yoga is a practice that you can truly begin at any age and continue with forever. Remember, yoga can be as intense as power vinyasa or as calm as breathing deeply. Why wait any longer? Start yoga today!

Carmen Aguilar Workshops - 1st Time to Bring this Amazing Instructor to Dallas!

Carmen Aguilar
We Yogis is excited to bring Carmen Aguilar to Dallas for her very first workshops in our city. Join her for 4 incredible workshops at We Yogis Lovers that will change your practice whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi. Sign up Now to reserve your place on Sept 9-11, 2016:
Friday, Sept 9 @ 5pm: Splits, Laterals, and Transitions
Saturday, Sept 10 @ 9:30am: Get to the Core of It
Saturday, Sept 10 @ 3:30pm: Hip Opening Intensive
Sunday, Sept 11 @ 10am: Backbending with Love and Intelligence

We Summer Special: $99/month for 1st Three Months

special offer
Add More Yoga to Your Summer! We Summer Special: $99/month for 1st Three Months

We Yogis wants to see you on your mat MORE this summer. So, we have sweetened the deal by offering you $99/month for unlimited yoga at any of our 3 Dallas locations for the first three months (then normal monthly rates apply). What are you waiting for? Experience the benefits physically and mentally of a regular yoga practice. Start NOW!

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